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List of Competitions

Participants may be considered for exemptions if they received awards in any of the competitions listed below. Only the awards received during the most recent competition and/or those received as close to the start date of SIDC (July 19th, 2019) as possible will be considered.

Contact SIDC for any questions or concerns.

  • 1st Place in any genre from below list of dance competitions in Republic of Korea
    1. By recommendations from the Korea Dance Association Competition.
      • - National Young Dancers’ Competition 전국신인무용경연대회 2018.09
      • - National Youth Dance Competition 전국초중고등학생무용콩쿠르 2019.05
      • ➤ Awards received in competitions held locally and/or by regional branches are not valid.
    2. Korea Ballet Association Competition 2019.05
    3. Contemporary Dance Association of Korea Competition 2018.07
    4. Dong-A Dance Competition 2019.05
    5. International Scholarship Korea Ballet Competition (Grand Prix, 1st Place, and Gold Prize recipients may be exempt)
      • ➤ Any Ballet competitions in Republic of Korea: Classics only.
  • International dance competitions: 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in any genres.
    1. Seoul International Dance Competition 2018.07
    2. Korea International Ballet Competition 2018.07
    3. Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition 2018.07
    4. USA International Ballet Competition 2018.06
    5. (United States)Youth America Grand Prix 2019.04
    6. (Russia) Competition Arabesque 2019.04
    7. (Bulgaria) International Ballet Competition-Varna 2018.07
    8. (Switzerland) Prix de Lausanne 2019.02
    9. (Finland) Helsinki International Ballet Competition 2019.05
    10. (Hungary) Rudolf Nureyev International Ballet Competition 2019.03
    11. (China) Beijing International Ballet & Choreography Competition 2018.07
    12. (Japan) Fukuoka International Dance Competition 2018.08
    13. (United States) Valentina Kozlova International Ballet Competition (VKIBC) 2019. 03