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  • Video Screening Requirements
    1. Excerpts from live performances are not acceptable.
    2. Practice clothes must be worn, not costumes (except for Ethnic Dance participants, who may wear costumes).
    3. Camera should be placed sufficiently away (but not too close) to ensure full body is visible in the screen throughout the performance.
  • Costume & Make-up
    1. All materials needed for the competition including, but not limited to: costumes, shoes, make-up, and small props are to be prepared and transported by the participants during the competition.
    2. Participants must wear designated costume and make-up (which are to be prepared by the participants) when performing the Designated Performances.
    3. Nude performances are strictly prohibited.
  • Music & Stage lighting
    1. All participants must submit their own music during the registration period.
    2. If submitting via CD, participants must clearly indicate the following in the front of their CD case(s): participating category (e.g. Prejunior, Junior, Senior, Solo/Couple, etc.), genre (e.g. Ballet,
    3. Digital files of the music are also accepted (i.e. USB devices).
    4. Once the music is submitted, the CD(s) and/or USB device(s) will not be returned. The participants must ensure that they can readily access their music for practicing.
    5. Live music during the performances is prohibited.
    6. Participants must perform only under the lighting conditions provided by the Competition (basic white lighting with no spotlights). Special lighting effects and other lighting conditions are prohibite
    7. Only the music(s) provided by the Competition can be played during the Designated Performances.
  • Stage Materials
    1. The participants may use small props if necessary during their performances.
    2. The props must be transportable by the participants themselves, and must not interfere with the performance of other participants, except for certain Ethnic Dances (ask the executive staff for questio
  • Jury Panel
    1. The members of the Jury panel will be dance professionals from around the world who are appointed by the Competition’s Executive Committee.
    2. Decisions made by the members of the Jury panel are final and will not be overturned.
    3. The members of the Jury panel reserve the right to adjust the running times of performances and intermissions, etc. to ensure the Competition stays on schedule.
  • Copyrights
    1. The Competition retains copyrights to the following that occur during the Competition and during Gala performances:
      1. Video tapes, voice and/or written records, and photographs of the event that occur during the Competition and during Gala performances.
      2. Rights to publish, copy, broadcast, sell, and exhibit contents of the event.
    2. Participants may not demand monetary compensation for the contents of the copyrights stated above.
    3. If participants use choreographies, music, or costumes that require the permission of the original author, they must receive permission from the author prior to the competition. The participant must s
    4. Seoul International Cultural Foundation (SICF) is not responsible for any litigations and/or legal matters that may arise from using unauthorized pieces of work.
  • Accommodations and Expenses
    1. The Competition will provide room accommodations and meals only for international participants who compete in the Semi-Finals and Finals. Those who do not advance beyond Semi-Finals, but choose to sta
    2. Local participants and Korean participants living abroad (Korean passports) will be responsible for their own room and meal expenses.
    3. Contact the executive staff at SIDC for information on hotel reservations.
  • Photo shoots & Interviews
    1. Participants must agree to photo shoots and/or interviews arranged by the Competition if requested.
    2. Local media sometimes request interviews directly to the participants. However, unless the media coverage (e.g. interview requests, etc) was approved by the Competition beforehand, any direct correspo
  • Orientation
    1. Those who advance to Semi-Finals, and subsequently to Finals must attend the orientation.
    2. The date, time, and place for Semi-Finals and Finals orientations will be announced by the Executive staff during the competition.
  • Insurance
    1. The Competition is not responsible for any accidents, personal injuries, and/or damage/loss of personal properties that may occur during the Competition, including during travel to and from Seoul.
    2. It is highly recommended that the participants acquire their personal protection and liability insurance to ensure coverage.
  • Miscellaneous
    1. The order of the performance for Semi-Finals is determined by drawing numbers during the orientation. The order of performance for Finals will be the same as Semi-Finals (minus those that do not advan
    2. For participants in Ballet Pre-junior I and II, the order of performance will be from the youngest to the oldest in age.
    3. All performances are open to the public (except for Preliminaries of International participants).
    4. Large props that need to be pre-set on the performance stage are prohibited.
    5. Participants will be responsible for any additional fees including, but not limited to: personal taxes, and wire transfer fees incurred from receiving prizes.